Single Sign-On

SSO secured with 2FA. Manage single sign-on for teams. Get access to applications in one click. 

SSO and 2FA

Single Sign-On (SSO) is great. Sign on once and get access to a wide range of applications. Extremely user friendly, but also introducing security risks. If a hacker is able to access your SSO password, all of your accounts are out in the open. That is why KeyHub provides SSO with two factor authentication (2FA).The KeyHub app or Google Authenticator app make dealing with 2FA very easy for all users.

Group-based SSO

KeyHub provides group-based SSO. A group member has SSO access to all applications needed in that group. After leaving the group, access to these applications is revoked automatically. 

One Click Application Access

KeyHub provides one click application access, making access management almost invisible. 

All applications that a group has access to are presented in a grid. A user accesses an application by clicking on it. KeyHub starts the application and performs the required authentication for the user.