Customer Case: Lease-deal

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About Lease-deal

Lease-deal is a FinTech company providing an independent lease platform for small and medium enterprises. With the help of an online platform, Lease-deal connects vendors, financial institutions and customers to deliver fast and fitting lease contracts for small and heavy equipment. To have a swift contracting process Lease-deal uses clever risk based algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence to achieve a higher success rate.

Compliance and outsourcing

The development of the Lease-deal platform is mostly outsourced to third party software developers. This brings much-needed flexibility and efficiency in development and validation cycles. When a new release is created (every 3 weeks), validation in the field is subsequently performed. The validation results are input for developing new features.

As validation may take considerable time, the development team is partly downscaled during this phase and upscaled again when a new development phase commences.

Such a dynamic team – both in size and composition – poses a challenge: how to be in complete control of who has access to what? For, compliance is a constant factor due to regulations (like GDPR) as well as a consequence of working with financial institutions. Being in control and being able to prove it is essential.

In control with reviews and auditing

The developers need to use KeyHub to gain access to build servers and occasionally to production data. KeyHub provides just-in-time access to this sensitive data. This gives Lease-deal peace of mind: access to this privileged data is revoked automatically after a specified period of time.

Change of the team composition is a constant factor. Besides allowing access, revoking access is a near continuous process. KeyHub provides regular access review notifications. The team administrator receives these notifications and performs the access review. When, for example, a team member left the team but his access was not properly revoked at that time, the team administrator can remedy this directly. 

The security officer monitors the timely execution of the access reviews in KeyHub’s Auditor Dashboard. When an access review is not performed on time, the security officer can message the group’s administrator or even step in.

Fast onboarding for new developers

Normally, granting access rights to new developers on the team is a hassle. With KeyHub’s decentralised authorisation, team administrators are in charge of granting access rights. All it takes is a click of a button. With that single click, all required access to all resources is given – no matter the complexity of the underlying security infrastructure.

KeyHub makes onboarding new team members fast and hassle-free. Extremely useful in a dynamic organisation like Lease-deal!


Being compliant in a dynamic environment is easy and efficient with decentralised authorisation combined with regular reviews. Lease-deal is in control with the Auditor Dashboard.

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