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Devhouse spindle

Topicus KeyHub increases security and team autonomy.


About Devhouse Spindle

Devhouse Spindle is on a mission to connect the world using open and free communication. Almost 60 colleagues are working daily on smart tools that make efficient and personal communication possible. With a love for open-source software, an experimental organisation model called Holacracy, and an international team of coworkers, Spindle is an ever-evolving and inspiring place to be.

A key product is VoIPGRID, with which more than 200 telecom providers offer voice over IP services to their business customers.

Spindle and sister company Voys founded This not-for-profit organisation facilitates equality through access to unrestricted communication.

Desire for change

Teams share passwords
Spindle used a password manager that was no longer suited for their evolving needs.  Sharing credentials within teams was a primary requirement. These credentials range from an e-commerce account for buying office supplies to admin credentials of development tools. 

Decentralised authorisation fits well

At Spindle, authority and decision-making are distributed to self-organising teams rather than being vested in a management hierarchy. KeyHub’s decentralised authorisation really fits this model well. Teams know best who needs access to what. There’s no need for the infrastructure team or security officer to be involved in this. 

Provisioning users

KeyHub’s usage has extended to other functionalities as well. Users are provisioned to the VPN-server and other servers by KeyHub. For example, when testers need access to an environment to perform white box tests, these accounts are provisioned by KeyHub.  

Easy to use for new employees

Spindle was an early user of KeyHub. During that period, Spindle provided feature requests that improved ease of use. Now, making new employees acquainted to KeyHub is done as part of the onboarding process by the colleagues on the team. No specific training is required. 

Every new employee is requested to report to a security officer. Together, they go through the configuration of the (own chosen) laptop and verify whether it meets the set requirements.

Bottom line

The use of KeyHub increases security and team autonomy.

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Increasing security and empowering teams are not conflicting objectives. 

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