Lease-deal is a FinTech company providing an independent lease platform for small and medium enterprises. With the help of an online platform, Lease-deal connects vendors, financial institutions and customers to deliver fast and fitting lease contracts for small and heavy equipment. To have a swift contracting process Lease-deal uses clever risk based algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence to achieve a higher success rate. Topicus KeyHub helps Lease-deal to be compliant in a dynamic environment.

DevHouse Spindle

DevHouse Spindle is on a mission to connect the world using open and free communication. At Spindle, authority and decision-making are distributed to self-organising teams rather than being vested in a management hierarchy. KeyHub’s decentralised authorisation really fits this model well.


Previder has a complex system landscape. When it comes to access management, KeyHub removes that complexity for administrators and users: in one place you get access and manage your access rights.
With KeyHub, Previder has taken the security of the managed infrastructures to the next level. Employees only get access for the duration that is necessary.
Certification and compliance is very important and is becoming even more important. With KeyHub not only the access management processes are well supported and monitored, but it is also easily made transparent to auditors and the internal security team.