Privileged Access Management

Gain easy and secure access to containers, sensitive data and production environments with privileged access management. KeyHub provides just-in-time access and enforces least privilege principles. 

Least Privileged & Just-In-Time

The most secure practice regarding privileged accounts is the combination of the least privilege principle and just-in-time access. According to the Microsoft Vulnerabilities Report 2019, of the 189 Critical Vulnerabilities discovered, 154 (81%) could have been prevented if administrator rights had been secured. 

KeyHub implements the least privilege principle. KeyHub limits user access rights to just enough to do the job. So, with KeyHub, there is no ‘superuser’ – users with inflated access rights. This reduces the risk of an active superuser session being hijacked.  

Just-In-Time further reduces the threat surface by only providing privileged access when needed and revoking it when it is no longer needed. This eliminates the risk that a privileged account is always present and open for attack.


Privileged Access Management for people

When implementing security practices, it is vital that people actually use it. That is why we make access management really easy. 

Want access? Click on the group and KeyHub asks you why and how long you need access.

Grant access or revoke access? Just as easy. As team lead, you authorise or revoke access with a click on a button. No system administrator is involved.

All access events are presented in a human readable audit trail. It informs all team members of relevant access events and it boosts security awareness.

Supporting team dynamics

Team dynamics – people joining or leaving a team – pose a security risk if it is not managed properly. KeyHub supports access management on a per-case bases, for temporary team members and for permanent team members. 

With KeyHub, new team members have access in seconds. So they can focus on the job at hand instead of waiting on access. 

When someone leaves a team, access to resources of that team is immediately and completely revoked. When someone leaves the company, all access is revoked. 

KeyHub logs all access events in a tamper-proof audit trail – an important requirement for compliance with ISO 27001, NEN 7510, SOC 2 and GDPRRead more about the Auditor Dashboard.

How Does KeyHub Compare?

The Privileged Access Management space has a number of products that compete. We listed three leading products in this space and compared them to KeyHub.