Team Password Vault

Business password management is fundamentally different from private password management. You often need to share your password with a colleague. But who has access to a specific password? And how do you revoke access to a password? KeyHub puts you in control. Sharing passwords is team based, super easy and password access is logged in the audit trail.

Password Manager For Teams

KeyHub makes using passwords secure and simple. Employees have access to a personal password vault and to team vaults. Team members can add shared credentials to team vaults.

KeyHub also stores other secrets, such as two-step verification codes, certificates, and API keys. Using the provided API and CLI, programmatic access to the vault can be obtained.


Easy To Use

All the credentials you need are accessible in easy to use password vaults.

KeyHub offers a browser plugin to automatically fill in the credentials on a login page. Great time saver!

Adding or changing passwords is also easy. Strong passwords are generated by KeyHub for you, preventing easy to guess passwords. 

When credentials are in a team vault, they are automatically shared with your team members.

Password Policies

Password policies are important for securing access. Passwords need to be long and strong. KeyHub supports this important password policy.

KeyHub helps team leaders to pick a long and strong password: KeyHub generates strong passwords for them.

Vault Access Is Privileged

Access to a vault is privileged. That means that all privileged access management features available in KeyHub are also applicable to vaults.

Does an employee need temporary access? Then he gets only temporary access to a vault. Is an employee leaving the company? Then all his access is revoked.  Of course, all access to passwords is logged in the audit trail. Read more about our auditor dashboard.