Managed service providers need More Than A Vault  

Having a password vault to store credentials and other secrets of your customer’s environments is a good start. But you need more to meet security and compliance requirements.  
Enter KeyHub. 

For Ops, Management and Compliance


Get just-in-time access to credentials and secrets in a customer vault when you work on a ticket.

Get access to privileged endpoints via privileged access management. These endpoints can be services, domain controllers, database servers, firewalls, etc.

Provision named accounts only when needed for the time needed. Read more


Secure your customers’ sensitive credentials, secrets, and access to privileged endpoints.

Eliminate risks when people leave. Removing a person from a KeyHub group immediately revokes all associated rights. Inspect the audit trail and change shared passwords. 

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Your customers increasingly require you to adhere to certifications and regulations like ISO27001, SOC 2, NEN7510, ISAE3402 and GDPR. KeyHub has got your back.

Continuously monitor auditing activities of the teams with an easy to use Auditor Dashboard. Track credential usage, third party access, enforce strong passwords, and much more.

You are in full control.

Customer case: Previder

Previder is the largest Dutch-based and owned datacenter company. Previder’s two carrier-neutral TIER 3+ datacenters are perfectly located in a low-cost region between the largest Internet Exchanges in the world: AMS-IX (Amsterdam) and DE-CIX (Frankfurt), with direct fiber connections to both.

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"Our teams are empowered"

We trust our teams to create business critical applications and to run them. With KeyHub we empower our teams to provide privileged access to their environments. KeyHub makes it safe, transparent and manageable.