Extremely efficient onboarding

while enforcing least privileged access

Imagine: your first day at a new job. You’ll need access to containers, environments, Git, Jenkins and the likes. How cool would it be if all necessary rights are granted before your first cup of coffee? Sounds like a dream? Enter Topicus KeyHub. KeyHub makes providing access for new team members hassle-free and instantaneous. So you can get to work while you’re sipping your first coffee…

Decentralised authorisation makes onboarding extremely efficient

KeyHub implements the principle of decentralised authorisation: team members grant access to new team members. This is very easy. Check out this short video: 

Audit regularly

When someone leaves the team, all access should be revoked. But what if the team manager forgets to revoke it? Most security breaches aren’t hacks, but are the result of people having access rights they shouldn’t have. That is why KeyHub notifies team managers to audit the access rights on a regular basis. The auditor dashboard shows the status of these audits. This way, your organisation is in control regarding policies like ISO 127001.


Have a look at Topicus KeyHub – a complete privileged access management solution. See how KeyHub fits in your organisation by starting a trial.