Secure Privileged Access

#1 Security Initiative

80% of security breaches involve privileged access abuse. Gartner’s top 10 security projects lists Privileged Access Management as ‘Project no. 1’.

KeyHub secures and protects privileged accounts: it is a comprehensive Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution. KeyHub includes Single Sign-On, a Team Password Manager and an Auditor Dashboard. This makes KeyHub an all-in-one critical security solution.

Critical security infrastructure is only successful if people actually use it – and have no need to circumvent it. We feel that ease of use is the key factor. That’s why we made KeyHub very easy and efficient to use while enforcing best security practices.

KeyHub – Privileged Access Management for people.

Here’s Why Industry Leaders Rely On KeyHub

All round

Privileged Access Management concerns Ops, management, and security teams.

KeyHub offers a well-rounded solution that covers the critical security needs of all stakeholders. KeyHub has an opinion on the role-play, but offers the flexibility to adapt it to the specific situation.

High Velocity

Teams need to move fast, without compromising security.

KeyHub offers privileged access management that provides just-in-time access while enforcing the least privilege principle. KeyHub empowers teams to manage access themselves.

For People

When implementing critical security infrastructure, it is vital that people actually use it.

That is why KeyHub is really easy to use. KeyHub offers an intuitive and minimalistic user interface. To get the job done and not get in the way.

Team Dynamics

Teams change all the time. Access management supports the different scenarios effectively and securely.

KeyHub gives new team members access in seconds and revokes access, upon leaving. The Auditor Dashboard gives the security team the insight they need.


More Than Privileged Access Management

KeyHub offers rich functionalities for Privileged Access Management. But KeyHub offers more: SSO secured with 2FA, Team Password Vault and an Auditor Dashboard. A comprehensive suite of functionalities designed to secure your entire organisation.

Curious what value KeyHub brings to you? Or how KeyHub compares to other PAM solutions? Schedule a demo and find out!


I expected that using an access management solution would have a negative impact on productivity. But KeyHub actually made gaining access much more efficient. Our users love it!


We only work with European technology partners regarding cloud services and security products. Most Privileged Access Management providers are based in the US or Israel. That doesn’t work for us. Fortunately, KeyHub is 100% EU.

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