Get Access To A Server

In this scenario, you need access to a log file on a production server. Getting access quickly and securely to such a server is an important scenario that KeyHub supports. Follow these steps to get it done:

1. Activate the appropriate group

By activating the group, you request access to the group’s resources.

When the traffic light in front of the group’s name turns green, access has been granted for the indicated time.

KeyHub provisioned the user with a temporary password.

2. Copy the temporary password

The temporary password can be copied by clicking on the button ‘Your temporary password’.

3. Access the environment

The environment can be accessed by using the username and copied temporary password.

4. Done

Work on the environment can be performed.

The user is unprovisioned automatically after the requested time slot.

Audit A Team

A group manager is responsible for auditing the group. This scenario shows how to perform the audit.

1. Audit notification

A group manager receives a notification by e-mail and on the dashboard.

2. Start the audit

Click on the audit button to start the audit.

3. Review the members

Review the members of the group and verify that group membership. 

4. Take action

Do you see a user that should not be in the group? Remove this user with one click.

5. Save audit

Saving the audit applies the changes and finalises the audit.

6. Done

The audit is done. The dashboard may show other group audits that need to be performed.

Share 2FA credentials

2FA makes accessing sites more secure. However, sharing these credentials can be troublesome when the second factor (a time based password) is generated by an app on a mobile phone. KeyHub can generate this time based password  –  a mobile phone is not required! Follow these steps to get it done:

1. Copy the second factor key

The second factor key is provided by the site you’re connecting with. This key is used by KeyHub to generate a time based password just like an authenticator app would do it.

2. Paste the key in the vault record

Paste the copied key in the TOTP/2FA field and save the changes.

3. Verify the time based password

Copy the time based password in the KeyHub Vault and verify that it works.

4. Done

Group members can now use the credentials to access the site. A convenient browser plugin is provided that supplies the credentials as well as the time based password.

Add A New Colleague To A Team

Getting a new team member up to speed quickly is really important. This scenario shows how to give a new colleague access to a project team’s resources.

1. Navigate to group management

Group management is located under ‘My Groups’. Regular group management is about membership, privileges and auditing. 

Note: adding a new group and configuring a new group is not covered here.

2. Select the group

Click on the group to start managing the group. 

3. Add the new member

Select the user’s account to add as a group member. For temporary members, select the appropriate end date. 

4. Done

The new colleague is added to the group and directly has access to all the group’s resources and vault items.