Fight hackers  

Counter hackers and ransomware attacks. Provide easy and secure access for staff, students and parents. 

Secure Your Infrastructure

Complex and heterogeneous

The complexity is caused by a wide variety of systems running on a complex network infrastructure. Staff, students and parents gain access to sensitive data via self-managed devices.

KeyHub loves complex, heterogeneous infrastructures. KeyHub provides an integrated and user friendly 2FA solution that is easy to configure and roll out to thousands of staff and many more students and parents.

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Protect privileged resources

Higher education is a favorite target for hackers. Getting access – for example by using phishing – and escalating privileges are two main ways for hackers to get control.

Here’s where KeyHub steps in. KeyHub employs 2FA and the principle of least privilege. This combination reduces the risks of databreaches and ransomware attacks. 

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Sensitive information 

Your students and staff trust you with sensitive, personally identifiable, information.  Adherence to certifications and regulations like ISO27001, SOC 2, NEN7510, ISAE3402 and GDPR is required. KeyHub has got your back.

Continuously monitor auditing activities of the teams with an easy to use Auditor Dashboard. Track credential usage, third party access, enforce strong passwords, and much more.

You earn the trust of your students.

Special Offer For Higher Education

Free Upgrade To Business

Pay for a light user and get business user functionality! The full power of KeyHub is at your disposal for a very attractive rate. Check out the prices.

Students For Free

Students (and their parents) use KeyHub for free. They need access to coursework, enrollment, scheduling and often other specific systems. KeyHub provides 2FA and an easy to use mobile app without any cost!

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