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Yes, securing DevOps starts with development – but it doesn’t end there.

KeyHub is the well-rounded privileged access management solution for developers, ops, management, and security teams.

For DevOps, Management and Compliance


Secure credentials used by containers, CI/CD pipelines and applications. Use KeyHub’s flexible API and a CLI to gain programmatic access to all KeyHub managed objects.

Support deployment to cloud, hybrid or on-premise environments by leveraging an elastic, container-based architecture.

Make KeyHub work with the tools your team loves: Pivotal, Docker, Jenkins, Puppet, Kubernetes, Ansible etc. Want to know how? Check the documentation.


DevOps teams need to be agile, but without compromising security. KeyHub is the privileged access management solution that provides just-in-time access while enforcing the least privilege principle.

Provide teams with the tools to manage access themselves. Agile and cost-efficient at the same time! Policies are enforced and auditing is continuous. 

Eliminate the risk associated with off-boarding team members. Removing a team member instantly removes all access of that team member.  

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Stay in control regarding certification and regulations like ISO27001, SOC 2, NEN7510, ISAE3402 and GDPR. Get insight of all privileged access events.

Continuously monitor auditing activities of the teams with an easy to use Auditor Dashboard. Track credential usage, third party access, enforce strong passwords, and much more.

You are in full control.

We have empowered teams

We trust our teams to create business critical applications and to run them. With KeyHub we empower our teams to provide privileged access to their environments. KeyHub makes it safe, transparent and manageable.