Coronavirus – The top security articles

Coronavirus – the top security articles   Coronavirus has drastically changed daily life. Most people are forced or advised to work remotely. Getting access to environments and getting credentials in an easy and secure manner is more important than ever....

Survey: common reasons NOT to implement PAM

In your experience, what are the common reasons for NOT using privileged access management? We love to hear your opinion.

Take this survey and we’ll send you the results (only if you like of course). It only takes 2 minutes of your time.

Checklist: Should you start with PAM

Organisations are more and more using DevOps to develop and run their mission critical applications. Security is an obvious concern, but should you make Privileged Access Management (PAM) a priority?
Use this checklist to determine whether you should make PAM a priority.

A good password policy is easy

A good password policy for your organisation is needed. It protects the confidentiality of information and the integrity of systems. However, password policies make it hard for users. Users need to change passwords all the time…

Utrecht University starts with Topicus KeyHub

We are delighted to announce that the department of Information and Technology Services (ITS) of the Utrecht University starts with Topicus KeyHub. After a period of intense testing, the contract was signed last...

No more phishing

After the commotion about the GDPR, data leaks and ransomware it seems the waves have quieted down a little. This means that the phishing season has opened and it is time to address this growing threat. My mind has been going back and forth on this topic for a while...