boost Security Awareness with KeyHub

Security awareness is the knowledge and attitude employees have regarding the protection of assets (systems, data, infrastructure etc.) of the organisation. Security aware employees are able to prevent and avert information security incidents. That’s important, but how do you increase security awareness in your organisation? 

One way would be to organise a security awareness training. Expensive and – most likely – not very effective in the long run. A better way is to implement an access management system that involves everyone in securing the organisation. 

Enter Topicus KeyHub. KeyHub offers full transparency regarding access management. KeyHub empowers teams to authorise access and to perform access audits. 

It starts with transparency

Did you ever have one of these uncomfortable feelings?

  • “I’m not sure anyone with access should have access…”
  • “I think some ex-employees still have access to critical servers…”
  • “What shared passwords has an ex-employee used recently?”

KeyHub shows all access events to every team member on the KeyHub dashboard. So, if someone has access to a resource they shouldn’t have, it happens in plain sight. This way, KeyHub increases security awareness. 

This transparency makes team members very aware of what is happening. When needed, a human-readable audit log can be inspected. The audit log also has easy-to-use filters, e.g. to look up actions of a specific user. 

Empowered authorisation and auditing

Of course, it’s not enough just to show who has access to resources.

KeyHub believes that authorising access and auditing access should be carried out by the teams themselves. The reason is simple: who knows better who should have access to a team’s assets than the team itself? By empowering the team, security awareness is raised at the same time! 

KeyHub makes authorising access and auditing access very easy. For example, a team managers is notified when an audit is due. See how easy this is in this short video.

The Peter Parker principle – With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility – is at play here. That is why KeyHub offers security officers and auditors a dashboard to monitor the team’s auditing. Take a look at the KeyHub auditor dashboard. 

Raise security awareness

A security aware organisation is more secure. We like that. A lot. KeyHub provides transparency of security events and empowers teams to authorise and audit access. By doing that, KeyHub boosts security awareness and makes organisations more secure.

Even further enhancing security awareness? See how KeyHub integrates with Slack to send authorisation events to team channels.